The beginning of the activity can be considered as the year 1976 when the manager ALVIDAS TAUTKUS started his activity in the show business by founding the group “RONDO”, which became famous all over Lithuania.  Later, he was the head of the publishing company “POP CENTRAS” for a long time before he started to manage the activities of the concert institution “RENGINIŲ SALA”. The main activity of the organisation is organising professional concerts from the smallest cultural centres to the largest arenas. From Lithuanian artists to foreign celebrities.

A few historical facts about its activities:

  • “POP ART” – a Lithuanian pop music festival that has been in existence for almost a decade.
  • The first foreign celebrity tours in Lithuania were organised by us, namely, the seven concerts of “NAZARETH” in January 1990 in a packed Kaunas Hall. This was followed by 8 concerts of “SMOKIE”, etc.
  • We have released hundreds of thousands of pieces of music (MC, CD, DVD).
  • Every week there was a music programme “POP TV” on TV3 and “POP RADIJAS” on Lithuanian Radio, which we prepared ourselves. We also published a music newspaper “POP ASORTI”.
  • In recent years, “ATM KOMPANIJA” has also organised a number of festivals and concert cycles: “VASAROS DESERTAS” (eng. “SUMMER DESSERT”), “BIRŽELIO VAKARAI” (eng. “EVENINGS OF JUNE”), “GERTRŪDOS VASARA” (eng. “SUMMER OF GERTRUDE”), “ART TERAPIJA” (eng. “ART THERAPY”), “KAUNO VAKARAS” (eng. “KAUNAS EVENING”), the TRADITIONAL NEW YEAR’S EVE at the legendary KAUNAS HALL, the anniversary concert tours of O. VYŠNIAUSKAS, I. VALINSKIENĖ, etc.
  • We also organise many tour concerts in the halls of Lithuanian cultural centres: concerts by J. ERLICKAS, O. VYŠNIAUSKAS, RAIGARDAS TAUTKUS CHAMPAGNE CHOIR OF KAUNAS and others.